Laura Morton, MS, RD, LDN
Whole, healthy living for moms + babes.

I am a Registered Dietitian helping cool moms everywhere tackle healthy eating for themselves and their babes. Laid-back, slightly crunchy healthy living advice along with a hefty dose of my own parenting shenanigans (because parenting is so crazy, sometimes you just gotta write this stuff down).

My goal is to help parents raise adventurous eaters. A lot of the time, this means working on our own issues with food first. Before we can help our kids grow a healthy relationship with food, we have to make sure we have one ourselves.

You won’t find many quick-fix tips or tricks here, I believe that kids are born with the ability to eat and grow and the only thing we have to do as parents is allow them to get to it. Our role is to provide good food and model healthy eating, their role is to eat as much or as little as they feel is right at any particular meal or snack.

Families that I’ve worked with have found returning this responsibility to their kids to be so freeing. I’ve found that it spills over into other areas of parenting and can help reduce stress all around.

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Find more info in my monthly posts for Lynzy &amp; Co.

Find more info in my monthly posts for Lynzy & Co.