Laura Morton, MS, RD, LDN
Whole, healthy living for moms + babes.

Registered Dietitian helping cool moms everywhere tackle healthy eating for themselves and their babes. Laid-back, slightly crunchy healthy living advice along with a hefty dose of my own parenting shenanigans (because parenting is so crazy sometimes you just gotta write this stuff down).

Morton’s Grove is our home (everyone names their home, right?!). It’s a mile long rock driveway, buggy vegetable garden, a grove of fruit trees, muddy paths through the woods, and two barefoot toddlers. Future home to beehives and a herd of the fluffiest sheep I can find.

Two years ago, I left my full time job in response to a strong desire to be the one spending each day with my babies. It was probably the first time I’ve actually listened to my gut and I could not be more excited about this particular season of life.

You can now find me making my own schedule, working one-on-one with families through the Early Intervention program and through Ideal Pediatrics. Click here to book an appointment.

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Find more info in my monthly posts for Lynzy &amp; Co.

Find more info in my monthly posts for Lynzy & Co.