Laura Morton Wolf, MS, RD, LDN
Dietitian + Mother of 2
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About Me

Morton’s Grove is the name my husband, Austin, and I have lovingly given our homestead. It’s a buggy vegetable garden, a grove of fruit trees (new ones on each birthday!), muddy paths through the woods, and two barefoot toddlers.

From cloth diapering to homemade kefir, healthy living is woven throughout all areas of this little site. Being a dietitian, I’m obviously pretty into food too (you may notice that breakfast recipes abound).

If you’re looking for a way to make healthy eating an uncomplicated part of life, I’m here for ya. After working as a dietitian in several schools for 7 years, I had two little pups of my own and decided to shift gears to be where I wanted (with my babes!) when I wanted (all [most] of the time!). I now help those who were struggling with the stress of introducing foods to their babies or dealing with the pickiness that can pop-up for toddlers. Along the way, I also began sharing how I made the transition from working full-time, to momming full-time.

The recipes I share are affordable, uncomplicated, and packed with the nutrition that eating a wide variety of foods can bring. The blog posts I share are a fun (I hope!) and unique combination of straight-from-the-heart rambles and evidence based nutrition information.

It means the world that you're here <3.

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