About Me

Morton's Grove is our home. It's where Austin and I married last October, it's where we raise our little explorer, Ruthie, and newest and chubbiest buddy, Bobby, and it's where I (Laura, hi!) make and share toddler approved recipes.

I've been a dietitian for five years and i. love. food. I love turning our kitchen into a massive mess which Austin can somehow clean up in a matter of minutes. I love making grocery lists. I love reading vintage Martha Stewart & Taste of Home magazines. I love the hoppiest beer you can find. I love french press coffee with heavy cream. And I love trying out recipes on our two year old, Ruthie.

The recipes I share are affordable, uncomplicated, and (usually) full 'o that good nutrition stuff.

Oh, and since babies bring a lot of feelings into a person's life, I occasionally (frequently) post about them as well. If for no other reason, these posts are a way for my scattered brain to remember the wonderful little things about these little buddies of mine.
It means a lot that you stopped by even for a second.

<3 Laura



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