The Crispiest Sweet Potato Fries You've Ever Had + Kalamata Ailoi

Raise your hand if you have sweet potato fries at least once a week.


Raise your hand if they kind of make you angry because they're always floppy unless you forget about them for 3 hours and burn them into cinders.

If a restaurant has sweet potato fries, they're mine. (side note: I don't think I have ever spelled restaurant correctly in my life. If there were no spell check, I would be arrested for trying to have a blog because of how often restaurant was spelled wrong). Do you ever wish you had a deep fryer? I don't think I'm supposed to say that out loud. But my all time fave food is french fries of the sweet or regular variety.


Making them at home is generally pretty disappointing. First, you have to wash and chop and season and oil and get a sheet pan REALLY dirty and then let the sheet pan sit on the counter or hide it in the oven for days. Second, they are crispy on one side at best. Turns out, there are like 10 steps you need to complete before getting really deliciously crispy fries and it is WORTH IT. I copied and tweaked this adorable sweet potato fry infographic.

Nordstrom Cafe has french fries that keep me awake at night. Everyone lays (lies?) awake and thinks of food until they become so ravenous they're driven downstairs to eat cereal, right? The fries are SO crispy and thin but still sort of rustic, ya get a chunk of skin now and then. And they're covered with fresh parsley and maybe some parmesan too? THEN they are served with kalamata olive aioli. I remember my first tango with this ailoi like it was yesterday: started off unsure, ended up with my tongue in the tiny little serving dish when my grandma wasn't looking.


Follow this method whenever you have sweet potato fries on the menu. I have made them this way about 5 times now and they still turn out a little differently each time, but they're always crispier than they have been before. If you don't have time to soak, just using the corn starch made a small improvement on its own. Make sure to let me know how they turn out!

The Crispiest Sweet Potato Fries