Cranberry Orange Butternut Squash Bread

Christmas is coming. 


Ruthie whispers to me from time to time. I posted something to my stories about how Ruthie likes to say this and a teacher friend told me she and her fellow teachers whisper "Christmas is coming" to each other on rough days.


My parents watched our kiddos overnight last weekend and Ruthie stayed up until 2 AM. TWO AM. How is it possible to function on such little sleep? Bobby was the star grandchild because he went to sleep and 10 and then woke up every two hours all night long. 


I do most of my blogging after bedtime and it is a struggle almost every single time not to just do the dishes instead. I love blogging so far and I hate dishes, but the thought of using this time to make the kitchen sparkle has strong appeal. What a thrilling life I lead. (BUT I LOVE IT).


On some blog writing nights, I put Bobby to sleep and then sneak into the kitchen while Austin gets Ruthie ready for bed. Their conversations are hilarious "Dad, can you go upstairs and leave me alone with Sammy? He's a nice guy, and he's happy about me" (Sam is our cat). "Can I have a big brown ice cream cone?" "Where is my long, white gown?" (Ruthie is very into the use of many adjectives and wearing my clothes) "Will you fluff bunny's big pink nose?" And then in a matter of seconds...snoring (Austin, not Ruthie). 


This is my very first Christmas tasting recipe. Orange + cranberry = Christmas, all the science books say so. I kind of surprised myself with how delicious this turned out. I always eat a pretty good chunk of whatever I'm photographing, but I ate a SERIOUS chunk of this guy. It made the house smell like heaven and made me wanna snuggle a cup of coffee like Buddy does in the mailroom on elf. 


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