{Vegan} Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Sauce

If you're gonna DIY one thing in your life, DIY this chocolate syrup. 


OK sometimes food needs to be storebought. Like have you ever had homemade ketchup? Not happening. And homemade potato chips are no where near as good as lays #imo. But chocolate syrup is definitely a food that is way better homemade. 

I feel like my college experience involved involved a lot of ice cream socials. Is that weird? I think it had something to do with being in a sorority. But I always expected there to be hot fudge because I put a lot of faith in something that has a picture of an ice cream cone on the flyer. i would have 100% pledged whatever sorority served hot fudge at an ice cream social. But none of them did, it was allllll Hershey's syrup 😭. 


this recipe is super similar to hot fudge in texture, but is vegan and couldn't be simpler to whip up. I keep it in the fridge to make mochas on the weekend and to add to Ruthie's milk every now and then.

I like using agave nectar because it is super sweet so in theory you can use a lot less than sugar. Honey or maple syrup would work too and give it that special honey or maple flava, I haven't tinkered around with using actual sugar but try it and let me know!


To make a mocha, shake 1 cup of milk in a jar with a tight fitting lid until frothy. Any type of milk will work, but the lower the fat content, the more foam you'll get. I was really surprised to find out how well this method works for getting foamy lattes without a milk frother. Microwave the milk after shaking to warm while keeping the foam. Stir a big ole spoonful of syrup into hot, strong coffee (or espresso if you've got it, you lucky bastard) and top with milk + foam.