Everyday Veggie Sheet Pan Nachos with Spicy Yogurt Sauce

This is basically my version of a salad.


Are you a salad person? I love salads from restaurants. Like the Emerald Coast Salad from Crushed Red. Or basically any Caesar salad (Sunset 44's Caesar dressing is AMAZING for any St. Louisans).

But I seriously dislike making them myself. All the rinsing of the veggies and the chopping things into bite sized pieces. Whenever I brought a salad to work I would procrastinate eating it by scavenging for food in the office fridge, ultimately ending up eating something random like a sleeve of questionably fresh saltines.

We've had a ton of kale this summer so naturally that resulted in a lot of salads. The morning after that first bowl of kale, my jaw literally hurt from chewing. Sometimes I pretend I'm one of those giant aged turtles eating lettuce on a beach somewhere and that sort of helps, most of the time I just don't make salads. I don't like how you can seemingly eat for hours without even making a dent in it. I KNOW I'M OVERTHINKING THIS.

Salad recipes I would be willing to try at home:
-This one with lavender dressing?!? Amazing.
-This caprese salad with HOT BACON DRESSING (PS I am always down with caprese, this isn't included in my salad rant).
-This breakfast panzanella salad - a salad made up mostly of bread is my dream.



This is a recipe I make to use up veggies, when I can't think of anything else to make, when I'm thinking about salad and my stomach says "meh". It happens about once a week. Tortilla chips are one of my must-have grocery purchases mainly for sheet pan nachos but also for the occasional chilaquiles.


If I'm making and shooting a recipe for the blog, dinner for that evening is totally taken care of by like 3 PM. If I'm NOT shooting a recipe for the blog, dinner is typically an insane reaction to me noticing that I'm pretty hungry and it's already 5 PM. For those days, its nice to have go-to recipes that come together really freakin' quickly and don't require much prep at all.

LEFTOVERS: Bring a cup or two (depending on how many leftovers you're workin' with) of crushed tomatoes, salsa, or tomato sauce to a simmer. Toss in leftover nachos and stir to coat. Simmer for a few minutes until softened and top with a sprinkling of cheddar. Look forward to lunch tomorrow.

Everyday Veggie Sheetpan Nachos