Quinoa Oat Blender Pancakes

I’m obsessed with making weird things out of quinoa.  


Not that pancakes are weird (you are definitely not weird my sweet little pancakes). 

I love gluten but when you have a tight grocery budget (or hell, when you’re feeding kids and want them to like you) it’s easy to find yourself eating bread/crackers/pasta/ pancakes like, all the time. I’ve been testing out new breakfast recipes that don't rely so heavily on flour to make room for some good stuff. 


My thought process: if quinoa can be brownies, it can TOTALLY be pancakes (right?). Well it worked. They are super filling and have that delicious waffle-cone-at-six-flags vanilla flava. If you are a fan of the ole oat-egg-nana pancakes, you will LOVE these. They are closer in texture to this recipes, though more pancakey and not at all banana-eggy.


Austin loves stereotypical pancakes. They better be fluffy, white as the driven snow with not a flick of flax or oat, melt in your mouth little puffs of processed air. He still liked these but told me I better make it known that they are more dense than traditional pancakes. I took that as a positive because typical pancakes are SUPER DELICIOUS but sometimes make me feel groggy and blah followed by OMG I’M HUNGRY AGAIN. 


 You can whip these up in a food processor or blender. Even though my blender always smells like it’s on fire, I actually choose it for these so I could easily pour them into the pan. 

Quinoa Oat Pancake