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Morton's Grove is our home. It's where Austin and I married last October, it's where we raise our little explorer, Ruthie, and newest and chubbiest buddy, Bobby, and it's where I (Laura, hi!) make and share toddler approved recipes.

I've been a dietitian for five years and i. love. food. I love turning our kitchen into a massive mess which Austin can somehow clean up in a matter of minutes. I love making grocery lists. I love reading vintage Martha Stewart & Taste of Home magazines. I love the hoppiest beer you can find. I love french press coffee with heavy cream. And I love trying out recipes on our two year old, Ruthie.

Food is delicious and exciting, but it's also super functional. It is the simplest and most perfect form of preventative medicine. The recipes I share are affordable, uncomplicated, and (usually) full 'o that good nutrition stuff.

Oh, and since babies bring a lot of feelings into a person's life, I occasionally post about them as well. If for no other reason, these posts are a way for my scattered brain to remember the wonderful little things about these little buddies of mine.
It means a lot that you stopped by even for a second.

<3 Laura

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Charis Rowland Photography