Pergola Build

If you had asked me what a pergola was a few years ago, there is a slight chance I would have had no idea what you were talking about. The same goes for names of various plant life. "That tree? That's an oak, right?" Wrong. There are like a million types of trees other than oak. What?!

I'm learning all kinds of new things about landscaping including what it takes to build a massive pergola made to stand the test of time. Austin and his dad put up the rafters and beams in one day. Each bracket was handmade by Austin (all 120 of them) in order to achieve the rustic, industrial look he was going for. The poplar rafters and sugar maple beams were cut especially for us by Lohrberg Lumber in Hecker, Illinois for that rough-hewn look. The support posts are reclaimed, sturdy-as-hell utility poles. The posts will be rooted in concrete and enveloped in brick pavers. Each post has a different type of vine planted at the base, and I'm proud to say I know the name of each one.