Bride-to-Be Diaries: Coming up with a Playlist

Welcome to the first installment of the Bride-to-Be Diaries! A series of posts that I hope will provide informational bits for those planning a wedding - from me and other brides/brides-to-be. 

We are getting dangerously close to our wedding day and have a million things to do. There is one thing, however, that has been completed for months now: the playlist. Austin and I share a Spotify account and have quite a few playlists between the two of us. Sometimes, I put together a super cool playlist full of Pharell and Childish Gambino and call it Booty-Do, and sometimes Austin puts together a not-quite-as-cool playlist full of Kid Rock and Seether and titles it Booty-Don't. Another fun Spotify tidbit about Austin, when he finds a great new song, he can listen to it on repeat for days (currently: Beck "Wow"). Anyone remember when Kid Cudi came out with "Pursuit of Happiness"? Never thought I'd hear another song again.

I did a lot of the wedding planning myself. Austin didn't have a ton of strong feelings about florals, linens, flatware, or even food. He was pretty busy literally building our venue from the ground up, but one thing we made sure to collaborate on was the music for the ceremony, dinner, and reception. Music has been an important part of our relationship since college. Austin had a friend who was really proficient at finding new music, Austin was then excited to share the new music with me, and me with my friends (MEGAN - remember our obsession with MGMT "Electric Feel"?). Chances are music shapes most relationships to some degree, and it's a great opportunity to add personalization to the day. 

Gettin' down at Meg's wedding. Photo by  Esenam Photography

Gettin' down at Meg's wedding. Photo by Esenam Photography

A good number of songs from our playlist remind us of those college days, an even greater number of songs remind me of him and make me all squishy and nostalgic. It may be the pregnancy hormones, but I cannot listen to "The Gambler" by Fun. without tearing up. To me, that's the number one rule when coming up with your wedding music - make it feel like you. Don't worry as much about packing the dance floor or making sure every attendee knows every song, make a list that represents you and your partner and your lives together so far. Listen to your playlist (on repeat, sobbing in the car on the way to work if you're like me) and if you find yourself skipping songs, get rid of 'em! 

My brother, Lou, will be playing the guitar during our ceremony (thanks, Lou!!). For the reception, we found a great band called The Woo Daddies who are kind enough to allow our playlist to share the stage throughout the night. We won't hog the speakers all night, check out our playlist and leave your song requests in the comments!