New Blog Photos Guys! by Raven Vasquez Photography

My friend Raven took some new photos for the blog and I'm obsessed.

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I've been obsessed with her for a while, she is a complete entrepreneurial inspiration and I have the feeling you'll be AWWWWW-ing uncontrollably if you check out her Instagram feed.

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But I'm most of all majorly obsessed with the fact that these are new "head shots" - a FAR (far far far) cry from the head shot I needed for my old life which involved me wearing a super tight suit coat and trying to casually put my hand on my hip while having my head positioned by three different people (look down, now bring your eyes up to try that again without looking so 'bout propping your foot up on this fairly tall bench...there, that looks casual).

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Laura (26 of 28).jpg

Back to that blazer real quick. I definitely miss dressing like a boss for work (I mean, I could do that at home I guess) but I DO NOT miss this jacket. I bought the tiniest one they had and insisted on squeezing myself into it because "shrunken" blazers were all the rage. If you had asked me to throw a basketball while wearing this blazer, I would have just rolled over onto my back like a turtle. Pick up a child while wearing this blazer? The definite result would have been a giant rip up the back. Casually place my hand on my hip in this jacket? A super awkward wincing face and inner elbow abrasion.

Laura (22 of 28).jpg

Also for this old head shot, I had to pick a hobby and hold up a physical representation of it for a pic. If you asked me now, that would be easy...I'd hold up a baby (or a diaper? or a muffin? my laptop?) But back then I remember thinking "ummm I played the piano in 7th grade?". So I ended up holding a yoga mat AND rock climbing shoes and sort of shrugging in the pic. OK, finished with the rant, onto the sharing of these NEW pics featuring a soft and flowy top representing MY FUTURE. (#drama).

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Thank you so much Raven. And YOU. If you haven't already awed yourself into a coma from scrolling her IG feed, please do so now.

You can (should) book a session with Raven here.

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