5 Ways to Style Your Letter Board in the Kitchen

Letter boards are probably so pumped at all of the attention they are getting lately. My small town post office uses one to list prices of stamps. That poor guy is probably not even aware of the fun stuff his buddies have been up to. Nowadays, these felt boards with little stick-on letters are usually used to relay some hilarious one liner or a moving quote to center the perfect IG capture, but as the old post office proves, they can also be really functional. Don't have one yet? Head over to Instagram to enter the contest Amy and I are hosting!

Already have one? Here are a few of our favorite ways to style your board for the kitchen!

1. Start a grocery list. Sure there are apps for that, but there is something therapeutic about putting a little (a lot of) extra time into physically building the perfect shopping list. OR you could just make a list of super healthy + exotic foods to impress any guests walking through your kitchen.


2. Display your weekly/monthly grocery total or budget. This one might seem odd, but if you're watching your spending, it can be really helpful. Check out how Ashley, pediatric dietitian at Veggies and Virtue, styles her board to share with followers her grocery total along with what she buys every week.

3. Offer a friendly slash passive aggressive reminder to your husband to put the dishes away. 

4. List the menu for a dinner party. You went the extra mile to make a beautiful dinner, show guests what they're in for and make the meal extra special by displaying the menu proudly.


5. Bring some humor into your kitchen decor. Funny is probably not how you'd like to hear your decor described "ohhh wow Laura, your kitchen looks HILARIOUS". But if I were showcasing my comedic skills on a strategically placed letter board, that's a compliment I would take any day. Like this cute shot from Rae Dunn obsessed, home decor Instagramer Nikki:

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 2.34.02 PM.jpg