Yoga Stretches for Babywearers

Guys, my 9 month old weighs 26 lbs. 

AND, he loves to be held. (Side note: I love holding him too). Lately, he has been crawling up into my arms a little more often (I blame this and pretty much everything else on new teeth). In order to have a hand or two free, I've been wearing him a lot. My back hurts. Really specifically, my right shoulder and neck hurt, like a can't turn my head kind of feeling.

A lot of you are probably in the same boat. Carrying a babe on one hip, hauling around a giant bag, hunching over while nursing, wearing your 9 year old in the Ergo to get her to sleep (hi I'm a huge exaggerator, nice to meet you  👋🏻). Basically, babies can equal back pain. 

Rather than waiting hours after waking for my back and neck muscles to loosen up, I looked around online and consulted a yoga buddy to put together a series of super simple stretches that give me back my head movement. Aside from the physical benefits, I'm dabbling in the whole mind-clearing side of yoga and meditation. I haven't experienced any life-changing, stress busting breakthroughs yet, but I'm hopeful.

In order for this to become something I actually do everyday, I knew a few things. It had to be really quick, like about 3-5 minutes. It had to be simple so I could remember how to do it without reading any instructions. AND it had to be something I could do anywhere (I usually do it in bed every morning).

Seated Side Bend


Seated Forward Bend (aka touch yo toes)

"Is that really as far as you can reach?!" -Austin

"Is that really as far as you can reach?!" -Austin

Demonstrating his flexiness

Demonstrating his flexiness

Seated Trunk Twist  




Child's Pose


I hold each pose for about 30 seconds (which seems like forever, working on that yoga mind). As you can see, I have about as much flexibility as a pretzel but hopefully this helps me obtain Austins level of bendiness (he can seriously probably do the splits). I'm wearing the big guy in the Ergo as I type this and am about to put him down to do a little stretchin'.


I'm Not Going Back: Making the Decision to Stay Home with Babes

This would have been my first week back to work after a little over two months home with my second babe. Just like everyone says, the time absolutely flew by. But it felt all kinds of different from my first maternity leave 'Cause I'm not goin' back.

As many moms do, I had a rough time going back to work after my first, Ruthie, was born. A few days after bringing her home from the hospital, I started to feel the annoying weight of the 12 week maternity leave clock. After my 6 week postpartum checkup? Full-on anxiety over the weeks, days, minutes we had left together. I felt guilty doing the dishes because I should have spent that time with Ruthie. I wore her endlessly to try to make every second count. I slept with her right next to me so I wouldn't waste the hours overnight. I didn't like to put her in the car because I couldn't hold her while she was in her car seat (geezus, I might be insane). Suddenly time was up and I had to force myself away from her side and into my car...alone. I cried for days, made myself feel horribly guilty, and tried to ignore the nagging feeling that I was making the wrong choice (for me, I totally understand this isn't the experience of every mother or father). In the hours outside of those spent in the office, I was obsessed with time and never left Ruthie's side. 

Heading back to work when Ruthie was about 3 months old (and only 10 lbs!!)

Heading back to work when Ruthie was about 3 months old (and only 10 lbs!!)

When I found out we had another on the way, the thought of heading back to a typical workweek with a two hour daily commute felt flat-out impossible. I was spending more time at work than at home, and I definitely wasn't passionate enough about my job to justify the time away. And with TWO babies?? My stomach tightened every time I thought about it. At the same time, the thought of not working absolutely terrifies me. Not only the financial aspect (although that is a HUGE part), but what if I fall behind the competition? What if I can't find a job when I decide I'm ready to (or finances decide that I need to) go back? What about the example I was setting for Ruthie by working AND momming?

Life: Ruthie is a blur and Bobby is just chillin'.

Life: Ruthie is a blur and Bobby is just chillin'.

Two and a half months into this leave, I feel none of the insane pressure I put on myself before. I am 99% sure that is because I'm not hyper aware of the invisible hourglass reminding me how little time I have left to witness the teeny babe stage in all it's glory. I might find down the road that I don't love staying home as much as I thought I would, or that we can't afford it, or maybe Ruthie will say "dude, go back to work I see you way too much", but I'm so excited and wierdly proud to be giving myself the chance to find out.

Thanks to Austin for agreeing to try and make it work <3.


Grateful to see Bobby grow all day, err day.

Grateful to see Bobby grow all day, err day.