The Beginning

So, what's all this about?
I am Laura Morton, the idea-haver for this venture. I'm a registered dietitian and whole food nutrition is my jam. I've got grand ideas on tying my nutrition expertise into this project in the future, stay tuned. My future-husband (the word fiancé is to me as the word moist is to you), Austin, is a recent grad from Wash-U's MFA program and is not only a super creative sculptor, but is also capable of conceptualizing and building just about anything. He is the doer for this venture. Our greatest accomplishment is our daughter, Ruthie - the most precious part of our lives and driving force behind this project.

We're gettin' hitched
Austin and I have been together for a close to 10 years. We've been through it all and we love each other a lot. We share an interest in lots of stuff but most of all in parenting the funniest and cutest little darling. Austin proposed in August on a family trip to Anna Maria Island and it went a little something like this: a shaky hand shot out of nowhere and stuck a gorgeous antiqued band on the middle finger of my right hand. My left hand was holding a sleeping baby girl and also attempting to button my dress after nursing. It was perfect. Our wedding will take place at our home, AKA Morton's Grove, October 8th, 2016. This will be the first event at Morton's Grove and we are pumped to be the guinea pigs. 

We love where we live and love the idea of raising a little peanut to be a wild child running around the woods. We love it so much that we started to think maybe other people would love it too. If anyone out there is planning their wedding or maintaining an active Pinterest profile, you know that unique celebration spaces are topping planners' lists these days. We have one other thing going for us: Austin can literally make anything. From concept to construction, he can create something amazing and unique using ingredients that are meaningful and relevant to the time period and style of our home. Almost everything on the property has been created by Austin or our Dads, two other amazingly resourceful and essential parts of this project.

If you are interested in learning more about renting our space, we would love to hear from you. I hope you'll continue to follow along with the progress, I can almost guarantee it will be an entertaining journey!