Sweet Potato Breakfast Crisp

This is not just a variation of sweet potato casserole. 



Ok this is pretty much a variation of sweet potato casserole, but it's for breakfast! Or any time. But I am always looking for new breakfast ideas so IT'S FOR BREAKFAST. 


Whyyy is breakfast such a struggle?

I used to just eat cereal. my mom bought all of the good kinds (PB crunch, Rice Krispie Treats, Cocoa Pebbles, Honey Bunches of Oats, ECETERA) and we always had like 7 different boxes open at once. MAN, remember Rice Krispie Treats? They still make them in case you're curious. Rice Krispie treats cereal carried me through two babies worth of morning sickness. 


Breakfast used to be easy. Cereal ALWAYS sounded good. And I thought I was doing myself a favor and eating something incredibly wholesome 🙏🏻. 

Since leaving college, breakfast all of a sudden is this big ole hassle. I quickly realized that cereal is usually pretty devoid of good for you stuff, and it somehow makes me bottomless-pit hungry by 10 AM. So I ditched that habit and found out that NOTHING else sounded good. 


The only thing I feel like eating is a nice lil chubby donut or a stocky lil friendly muffin. Having kids has changed things a bit in that I now make a substantial breakfast for them every morning (oatmeal, cheesy eggs, egg sandwiches, pancakes, French toast) but I still pretty much have to make myself eat at the unearthly hour of their waking. 

SO since I'm stressed out abut breakfast enough to write 5 paragraphs, I decided I needed to make some sort of bakery dessert-healthy veggie packed breakfast FUSION and call it breakfast crisp. 


This could easily be made with butternut squash or pumpkin. I wanted to pack in the protein by adding greek yog and I also wanted it to have as many oats as a bowl of oatmeal. It's basically like a crisp with massive amounts of crumb topping. Austin refused to believe it was breakfast and ate pretty much the whole thing after dinner all three times that I made it.

This could totally be used as a non-marshmallow containing version of sweet potatoes casserole for your thanksgiving spread but I LOVE the marshmallow version so I'll be having this one for breakfast instead. 

Breakfast Sweet Potato Crisp

Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream with Candied Pepitas

I am late to the the banana ice cream game, I know this.  


But I didn't believe that it really was as good as people were claiming. I mean, frozen overripe bananas? I just assumed whoever said that it was delicious meant it was delicious for not being real ice cream. But it is even delicious COMPARED to real ice cream. 


Something magic happens when you whip frozen bananas into a fluffy, creamy cloud of soft serve consistency. I crave it like everyday. And I am a person who honors my cravings. If I want chocolate I don't eat chocolate flavored yogurt. I eat chocolate. When I want ice cream...I eat ice cream. Like, the good stuff. So when I say I crave this ice cream...you can know I mean business. My fave addition has been peanut butter, vanilla, chocolate chips, and a little flaked sea salt.


UNTIL I added pumpkin. There was something suddenly caramely after adding pumpkin and almond butter. Top it with the pepitas if you're feeling fancy but it's just as good without and takes about 5 minutes to make. I pretty much buy bananas to freeze them now. I like to peel and slice or break them up, freeze on a baking sheet for a few hours, and then toss into a zip-loc bag.


You guys, I'm watching Gilmore girls again. I literally just wrote a post on how watching TV makes me feel unproductive and here I am glasses askew, hair a mess, somehow in the middle of season 3. Also, after hearing Suki mention fried marshmallow pie in an ep, I stumbled upon a blog that recreates food inspired by TV shows. Take a moment here to picture me at my desk at work, searching the internet with the intention of finding the address of my next appointment and coming up for air 3 hours later after reading a 15,700 word article on the complete life story of Casey Affleck.


I'm planning a re-do trip to the pumpkin patch soon and will be making my own pumpkin puree. Stick around for over zealous pumpkin insanity the rest of the month!

Candied Pepitas recipe from Martha Stewart (duh).

Pumpkin Ice Cream with Candied Pepitas



Crispy Roasted Chickpea Bark

 Chickpeas are a funny thing.


They're sort of gross, let's be honest. Ever crack open a can of chickpeas and eat one? Probably not because they smell about as good as they look. 

But the weird thing about them is they're so good in so many different ways. Hummus? Amazing! Chickpea cookies? Surprisingly good. Roasted until crispy crunchy? My favorite way to eat 'em.  


I figured they could only get better covered in chocolate, right?  

I am on a total 100% only interested in autumn things kick. I'm pinning fall things, reading fall things, listening to fall things (I listen to the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack regularly), and definitely DEFINITELY cooking fall things. So I spiced these generously with some autumnal seasonings.


HEY. Why is loving fall things considered basic? Like I get it, PSL scarf boots yadda yadda but all of those things are such wonderful things. And having seasons, like distinct, fleeting changes to our surroundings, are some of the best things about life on THIS EARTH omg I'm going to deep.  

But I still think we're too hard on ourselves sometimes. Just because you like pumpkin beer and boot socks doesn't mean you have to hashtag basic or no one will ever like you again (I'm talking to myself here). 

Treat yo self to an apple cider donut (or an autumn spiced pear donut) and Instagram the hell out of it cause you love fall and are soooo not basic. 


I like to roast the chickpeas until they are just a whisper away from burnt to a crisp. I can't handle a slightly chewy chickpea. You may be more sane in your texture preferences so roast accordingly! The end result is reminiscent of a butterfinger and I am thrilled with that. And you HAVE to put flaked sea salt on top of this and in every other recipe you ever make again.

Maldon Sea Salt Flakes, 8.5 ounce Box
Belgravia Imports