Sweet Potato Breakfast Crisp

This is not just a variation of sweet potato casserole. 



Ok this is pretty much a variation of sweet potato casserole, but it's for breakfast! Or any time. But I am always looking for new breakfast ideas so IT'S FOR BREAKFAST. 


Whyyy is breakfast such a struggle?

I used to just eat cereal. my mom bought all of the good kinds (PB crunch, Rice Krispie Treats, Cocoa Pebbles, Honey Bunches of Oats, ECETERA) and we always had like 7 different boxes open at once. MAN, remember Rice Krispie Treats? They still make them in case you're curious. Rice Krispie treats cereal carried me through two babies worth of morning sickness. 


Breakfast used to be easy. Cereal ALWAYS sounded good. And I thought I was doing myself a favor and eating something incredibly wholesome 🙏🏻. 

Since leaving college, breakfast all of a sudden is this big ole hassle. I quickly realized that cereal is usually pretty devoid of good for you stuff, and it somehow makes me bottomless-pit hungry by 10 AM. So I ditched that habit and found out that NOTHING else sounded good. 


The only thing I feel like eating is a nice lil chubby donut or a stocky lil friendly muffin. Having kids has changed things a bit in that I now make a substantial breakfast for them every morning (oatmeal, cheesy eggs, egg sandwiches, pancakes, French toast) but I still pretty much have to make myself eat at the unearthly hour of their waking. 

SO since I'm stressed out abut breakfast enough to write 5 paragraphs, I decided I needed to make some sort of bakery dessert-healthy veggie packed breakfast FUSION and call it breakfast crisp. 


This could easily be made with butternut squash or pumpkin. I wanted to pack in the protein by adding greek yog and I also wanted it to have as many oats as a bowl of oatmeal. It's basically like a crisp with massive amounts of crumb topping. Austin refused to believe it was breakfast and ate pretty much the whole thing after dinner all three times that I made it.

This could totally be used as a non-marshmallow containing version of sweet potatoes casserole for your thanksgiving spread but I LOVE the marshmallow version so I'll be having this one for breakfast instead. 

Breakfast Sweet Potato Crisp

Cranberry Orange Butternut Squash Bread

Christmas is coming. 


Ruthie whispers to me from time to time. I posted something to my stories about how Ruthie likes to say this and a teacher friend told me she and her fellow teachers whisper "Christmas is coming" to each other on rough days.


My parents watched our kiddos overnight last weekend and Ruthie stayed up until 2 AM. TWO AM. How is it possible to function on such little sleep? Bobby was the star grandchild because he went to sleep and 10 and then woke up every two hours all night long. 


I do most of my blogging after bedtime and it is a struggle almost every single time not to just do the dishes instead. I love blogging so far and I hate dishes, but the thought of using this time to make the kitchen sparkle has strong appeal. What a thrilling life I lead. (BUT I LOVE IT).


On some blog writing nights, I put Bobby to sleep and then sneak into the kitchen while Austin gets Ruthie ready for bed. Their conversations are hilarious "Dad, can you go upstairs and leave me alone with Sammy? He's a nice guy, and he's happy about me" (Sam is our cat). "Can I have a big brown ice cream cone?" "Where is my long, white gown?" (Ruthie is very into the use of many adjectives and wearing my clothes) "Will you fluff bunny's big pink nose?" And then in a matter of seconds...snoring (Austin, not Ruthie). 


This is my very first Christmas tasting recipe. Orange + cranberry = Christmas, all the science books say so. I kind of surprised myself with how delicious this turned out. I always eat a pretty good chunk of whatever I'm photographing, but I ate a SERIOUS chunk of this guy. It made the house smell like heaven and made me wanna snuggle a cup of coffee like Buddy does in the mailroom on elf. 


The following links are affiliate links to awesome products that can be hard to find in stores (check your local Aldi for the unsweetened coconut!). That means, I receive a small chunk of anything purchased through the link.


Autumn Spiced Pear Donuts

We have a pear problem.


There is a giant tree on our property and it is LOADED. The problem is, 70% of the pears are out of reach. Most of the time we pick them up of the floor.

"It's called the ground when it's outside, son".  -Ron Swanson


Did you know that you have to pick the floor pears up or else when the grass is mowed the chopped up pears will lure 4 billion sweat bees into your yard? Our old tree pears are also rock hard, like break a toof biting into one, so they have to be cooked. The best problems are the ones with solutions that I am aware of. That's an original quote by me in case you were wondering. The solution to this particular firm pear problem is to make this pear carrot sauce along with pear donuts once a week.


Yesterday was the first day of fall coinciding with one of the most major cases of upper lip sweat this entire year thus far (it was 97 degrees). AND I decided yesterday was a good day to go to Aldi. HEAT + ALDI on a friday = terrible idea. But I'm home now and everyone is napping and we have enough food to survive the weekend, so all-in-all a good idea was made.


I fully intend to drop spoonfuls of this batter into oil to make some real donuts someday. But that requires constant attention and probably doesn't allow for a naked two year old on a stool to help out. For now, fake baked dones (or muffins) will do. Seriously try these, they are foolproof! Check out my super easy pear-carrot sauce (parrot sauce?) while you're at it. HAPPY FALL, BABAY!


Recipe adapted from my mom's apple cake.

Warm Autumn Spiced Pear Donuts